Colorado elk, 2004Wyoming Rifle Deer & Antelope
We conduct hunts in Region D at Saratoga on private ranches and surrounding forest and BLM. The hunts run Oct. 1-14. Hunts are 4 and 5 days in length. Most of these hunts are done with 4-wheel drives. Horses are used on day hunts into the four wilderness areas, which are all about 1 hour driving time from the ranch.

Most years 90% of hunters shoot at trophy mule deer. The average harvest rate is 70%-95%. Most of the deer have spreads of 20-27" on 4x4 bucks and the antelope range 12-16". We take 1-3 mule deer each fall that score 180 SCI or better.

The antelope will average 70 SCI. Several will go 70 to 82 SCI. We hunt the open country, which consists of sagebrush and buck brush along with quakie tree groves.

We run 50% to 100% harvest rates on elk. Most of our elk hunting is done with 4-wheel drives. The elk are pressured off the forest onto the private ranches. We also day hunt from the ranch at Saratoga in the wilderness areas with horses.

2015 RIFLE HUNTS AT SARATOGA RANCH (meals & lodging included)

5 day Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt
October 1 - 14
5 day Deer Hunt
5 day Deer/Elk Combo Hunt

5 day Elk Hunt $4995
5 day Antelope/Elk Combo Hunt

3 day Antelope (2 on 1)

$2295 Sept 16 - Oct 31
4 day Antelope $2595
3 day Cow Elk (100% draw) $1895 Oct 1- Nov 30
Non-hunters per day $ 300

2015 MOTEL HUNTS FROM BAGGS (meals & lodging NOT included)
5 day Mule Deer Hunt (Region W)
5 day Mule Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt
Limited Quota Deer Areas 101 & 102 $4995 Oct 15 - 31
5 day Elk $4995

One-on-one hunts add $900

All hunts are two hunters per guide, unless otherwise noted. A deposit of $800 is required to book a hunt. Hunts are booked on a first-come first-served basis. Balance of hunts are due 30 days prior to beginning of hunt. Deposits are non-refundable unless license is not obtained in drawing; deposits non-transferrable.

Elk applications must be at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Cheyenne between January 1 and February 1. Deer and antelope applications must be in Cheyenne between January 1 and May 31st.

Mule deer hunts run September 1-30. Some stand hunting is done along with spot and stalk. Antelope hunts run August 15-September 15. Hunt over alfalfa fields.

2015 ARCHERY HUNTS (meals & lodging NOT included)
5 day Deer - semi-guided $2495
4 day Antelope - semi-guided - 2 hunter minimum $2495

5 day Elk Hunt - semi-guided


Colorado Hunts**
2015 Colorado Season Dates / Hunts and Prices:

Deer & Elk:
1st Rifle Season  October 10-14
2nd Rifle Season October 17-25
3rd Rifle Season October 31 - November 8
4th Rifle Season November 11-15

Archery Deer & Elk -   August 29-September 27
Muzzleloader Deer & Elk -   September 12-20
Rifle Bear -   September 2-30
Cow Elk - November-December

Muzzleloader Elk - September 12-20
Unguided: $2000 / Guided: $4500

Rifle Elk - For All Seasons:
Unguided: $2000 / Guided: $4500

Archery Deer and Elk - August 29 - September 27
Unguided: $2000 / Guided: $4500

Rifle Elk-Deer Combo Hunts:
Unguided: $2800 - 2nd & 3rd Seasons

Rifle Elk-Deer Combo Hunts:
Guided: $4500 - 2nd & 3rd Seasons

Bear Rifle - September 2-30
Unguided: $1000

3 Day Late Cow Elk - November 22-January 31
Unguided: $800 / Guided: $1200

Plains Deer Guided - Area 105 - Oct. 24-
Nov. 3 & December 1-14: $5500 | 2 Hunts Available

**All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

We have found that success depends greatly on the hunters shooting ability and physical condition. Get in the best shape possible. Practice shooting off your knee or sitting down, however, a lot of shooting is done near the truck. Also a positive attitude with a strong desire to hunt hard and long is essential. Hunters should note our elevations range from 7200 feet to 11,000 feet with an average elevation being 7800 feet. Although there is no real way to condition yourself for these altitudes they can effect the way you feel while hunting.
Prairie dog shooting

2015 - Prairie Dog Hunts
We offer varmint hunts during the months of May through early August. These hunts consist of Prairie Dogs, Richardson's Ground Squirrels, also known as gophers, and maybe an occasional Woodchuck or coyote. Besides our own cattle ranch we have private ranch leases with great shooting. A group minimum of 2 or more is required to book a hunt. We have 2-3 shooters per guide. Two types of hunts are offered, one is based out of our ranch where you receive lodging, a hot breakfast, and a lunch to take to the field. You are responsible for your evening meal. Saratoga is 17 miles and has several restaurants. The Saratoga Hot Springs is open 24 hours offering a hot soak to top off a super day. The town hunt is another option. You stay at a motel and are responsible for all your meals.

The day involves 6–8 hours of shooting, beginning at 8:00 until 5:00. We'll take a break at mid-day for lunch. Bench rests are provided. Be sure to bring at least 150 to 500 rounds a day. Many clients will have ammo shipped to the ranch prior to their arrival.

Women and younger people really enjoy this hunt. Varmint shooting will be a true test of your marksmanship.

Ranch Hunt
includes breakfast, lunch, & lodging

May - Aug

Town Hunt
no meals or lodging

May - Aug

Available upon request.

Our ranch accommodations

Modern accommodations at the ranch consist of carpeted rooms with tile showers and home cooked, family style meals included. No tent camps are used on these hunts. We have a 4-room motel-type unit, each room has 3 twin beds, carpet and bathroom with shower/tub. Satellite TV is provided in each room. Free wireless connection may be accessed at the main house. A small refrigerator is added for your convenience. Depending on the number of clients in camp at a particular time, you may bunk alone or with others. Couples will have a room to themselves.

Family style meals are prepared with a hot breakfast and fresh coffee to begin your day. Ingredients for a sack lunch are provided, so make it complete. If you have particular needs please advise us, as we will try to accommodate you. Evening meals consist of a main dish, vegetables, salads and homemade bread with a tasty dessert to finish the day.

Our 'motel' is situated on the banks of Brush Creek. If you like to fish you are welcome to drop a line right outside your door. You can go up or downstream where beaver ponds also make excellent fishing.

Airline Service, Transportation
Most of our clients fly into Denver, rent a vehicle and drive to the ranch. It is approximately 4 hours, a pretty drive through the country and mountains. The vehicle is nice to have once you arrive. You may want to go to Saratoga or Encampment after your hunt or later in the evening. You can fly into Laramie, which is 65 miles from the ranch on highway 130 — weather permitting. Taking highway 230 from Laramie is approximately 95 miles.

Airport shuttle is not provided.

You are to arrive at the ranch the afternoon before your hunt begins and your evening meal will be included. Also you may stay in camp and eat dinner on the last day of your hunt.

List of Gear
License, conservation stamp, fluorescent orange cap, hunter safety card ( if born after January 1, 1966), rifle (a caliber you shoot the best), flashlight, sunglasses, chapstick, hunting knife, camera, film, binoculars, spotting scope (if you like), matches or lighter, wool shirts, insulated gloves, rain gear (jacket & pants), long underwear, warm socks, a pair of good walking boots, snow packs/waterproof boots, warm jacket, fishing tackle if you like to fish, small backpack.

This list is strictly a guideline. We have found that in the past these are the items needed and often forgotten. Clothing should be quiet and please no nylon, as it is very noisy. Weather can change quickly from the 70-degree zone to rain and snow in a matter of hours. It is typical to have cold frosty mornings where a cap with earflaps, gloves, long underwear, and warm coat are required. Often by mid-day it is very warm and T-shirts are the norm. We suggest you dress in layers for the different temperatures of the day.

Game Processing/Taxidermy
Your game will be taken to one of 2 meat processors here in the valley. They can cut meat to your specifications, freeze it to take with you or to be shipped to you at a later date. Please check with airlines as to extra shipping charges. THE COST OF MEAT PROCESSING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. All game will be taken to local meat processors. If you can't take your meat home, it can be donated to local food banks.

We recommend both Trails West Taxidermy out of Rawlins, WY and Dan French Taxidermy from Ft. Collins, CO for your trophy mounts. They are well-acquainted with game in our region and will do a terrific job for you.

WyCon Safari, Inc. has an excellent safety record. We take every precaution to safeguard you and your belongings. However, you should be aware there are risks involved with all activities when hunting in the wilderness and possibly on horseback.

We have no control over weather conditions, animal behavior, changes in season closure dates, your personal equipment, or your physical condition, shooting ability or eyesight. Therefore, we require all our clients sign a liability release form before their hunt. This is mailed to you prior to your hunt. No rate reductions will be given if hunter leaves before the conclusion of the hunt or fails to arrive on prearranged dates. WyCon Safari, Inc. reserves the right to cancel hunts and refund deposits.